Andrew Geczy grew up in Oakville, Ontario, and has been writing since grade 8. He would write short stories for his classmates, and release them onto the web. Come high school, he quickly became the Editor in Chief of the school newspaper, and got his first taste of Journalism. While writing for a dedicated audience, he would still write short stories in his spare time for his classmates. He finally got his first taste of scriptwriting when he decided with his friends to make movies in their lunch period.

After the popularity of his movies, Andrew wrote and directed a play for a local theatre festival. The play was titled "Trapped!!!!" and won second place. Andrew himself also won an award for most promising playwright, and it was then he decided he wanted to write for a living.

He spent a year in Sheridan College's Media Arts program, learning the foundations of filmmaking. He decided after a year, however, that he wanted to focus more on his writing and so he moved to the University of Windsor where he's been studying English and trying to make something of his life.

He recently graduated from Windsor University and he's moved to Hamilton to continue his writing, working a day job to fund his hobby.

As of this writing, he has written two novels, and has started work on a screenplay. He's also written other screenplays and teleplays. Besides one screenplay ranking 8th out of 750 people, little else has been done with his writing so far. That is about to change.


Current Projects


"Cruise of the Dead"
- A screenplay about survivers of a zombie outbreak who escape to the oceans on a cruise ship. Imagine naval battles with ships that were never meant to be in naval battles... and zombies!

"The Suburban Vampire" (Tentative) (Finished)
- A novel about a young High School girl who gets turned into a vampire and has to adapt to her sudden loss of innocence as she becomes a monster.
Lucky for her, her friends are there to help!



Andrew is currently looking for projects. If you're looking for a writer for any type of project, email him at:

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Originally a short story written by writer Horace Walpole in 1764. The harrowing tale has been rewritten by Andrew into a streamlined feature film screenplay. For a limited time only, you can view it online here for free.

Download the full screenplay below.

Castle of Otranto - - Download here


Castle of Otranto

Welcome to It's my website where I hope to connect my readers with all the news related to current and future projects.

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February 12, 2013

Sorry, I didn't realize that my Projects page never updated with my site. My novel is listed there now, along with a short preview though there are currently no plans to get the book published. Want to read it? Add me on Twitter @AndrewGeczy and send me a message letting me know your support.


December 28, 2012

With the completion of my novel, I have added it under Projects, along with a sneak peak at the first three pages. I'm working hard to get it published, but I've received nothing but rejection. I'm also working on my next project, a screenplay about Zombie survivors on a cruise ship. Look for that soon! Also updated DP.

January 15, 2012 3:08pm

Updated the bio to reflect changes in my life. For those looking forward to seeing something from me, my novel is getting closer to completion. Only 3 chapters left to write, I'm currently at 130,000 words and it's been pretty exciting. Look forward to that being completed sometime in the early half of this year.

April 16, 2011 1:50am

New project added under Projct Tab, Free copy of Castle of Otranto Screenplay available for a limited time only. Click here to download now.

A story about a shy teenage girl named Rachel Lin Smith who gets turned into a vampire against her will by an old and creepy serial killer. She manages to escape from the crazy older man/vampire, and with the help of her friends she comes to terms with the creature she's become, so that she can get revenge on her sire and stop a cycle of killing that has lasted for centuries. The book is 494 pages and 185,000 words.

Below you can download the three page prologue to the book. Like it and want more? Follow Andrew and Twitter and let him know. He's working hard to get it published!

The Suburban Vampire -- Download Here

The Suburban Vampire